After 300 months of testing Kangertech finally release the stunning Kanger IKEN Kit. Boasting a 5000mAh built-in battery and a raft of innovations, the question on everybody’s lips is—will it be available in the UK?

Just when everyone though Kangertech were fading away they start releasing some awesome vaping products. First came the Five6 kit which was followed by the Kanger K-Pin e-cig and now comes this stunning looking IKEN kit. Built into this brilliant device are a myriad of vaping innovations. All combined ensure the IKEN kit is not only extremely powerful but also very easy to use.

The Kanger IKEN kit will be available in black, Green, Yellow, Red & Sea Green
The Kanger IKEN kit will be available in black, Green, Yellow, Red & Sea Green

Consequently, the Kanger IKEN kit is perfectly suitable for beginners and advanced vapers alike. Unfortunately, so far Kangertech are only releasing a version with the 4ml IKEN tank. Sadly, it looks like it won’t be made available in the UK just yet.

Video: Watch a 3D overview of the IKEN kit from Kanger.

Smok have taken to releasing 2 versions of the new products they introduce—one, the way it was meant to be and one TPD compliant version for the EU / UK marketplace. We think the sooner Kangertech get on this bandwagon the better. It’s important to note however that Kanger are a recovering brand after seeing Smoktech overtake and annihilate the vaping world with tons of popular products.

Video: Watch this introduction to the awesome IKEN vape kit.

With innovations such as “U” airflow technology the IKEN tank promises to be a step up for Kanger. Because of the 4ml e-liquid capacity we don’t expect this remarkable vape kit to be available in the UK soon. What we do know is that if the Kanger IKEN kit can vape as good as it looks it will definitely be a winner.

Get the IKEN kit here:

Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin

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