Have you ever heard of the Smok D-Barrel Mod? Chances are you’ve caught wind of the device and that’s what led you to search for it. This interesting looking vape mod has been available in the USA for some time. Strange thing is though, you can’t get it in the UK. Stranger still, it’s not even listed on the Smoktech website.

So our question is, when (if ever) will the Smok D-Barrel mod be available in the UK?

Here’s what we know so far. On the 9th August USA company Element Vape released a YouTube video highlighting a number of upcoming Smok products. You can watch the video below.

Video: Smok box mods T-Storm, A-Priv and D-Barrel.

As you can see from the video there are 3 spectacular Smok box mods which have already been released in the USA. What the video also highlights is that these are limited release products and so not available in the UK. The products include the 230W Smok T-Storm mod, the 225W A-Priv mod and of course the 225W Smok D-Barrel Mod.

There’s another video on YouTube posted by EightVape that shows the D-Barrel mod in greater detail. You can also watch this video below.

Video: Unboxing the D-Barrel mod from Smoktech.

You can see from the video that this is a ‘trigger’ style vape mod not too dissimilar to the Smok MAG P3 kit which is due for release. This is just our conjecture, but could it be that these trigger style mods are more popular in America where they have guns?

Specifications of the Smok D-Barrel mod (what we know):

  • Mod size: 87 x 54.8 x 33mm
  • Wattage output: 10~225W
  • User modes: VW (Soft, Normal, Hard), TC (Ni, Ti, SS), Memory
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 (not included)
  • Resistance range: 0.1~2.5Ω (VW) / 0.05~2Ω (TC)
  • Temperature range: 200~600°F / 100~315°C
  • TFT Colour operating screen

As you can see from the specs this is what we generally agree is a standard, high wattage box mod. As a result we think that it’s not going to be released in the UK purely because the design. Let us now what you think in the comments.

Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin

Mark has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 10 years. He has been Creative Director for many companies, having delivered high level media projects to companies such as BT & Blackberry. After numerous attempts to stop smoking Mark discovered e-cigarettes. Swytch Vaping was created from a firm belief in the power of vaping.

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    punkjuice01 says:

    Yes, this mod is excellent. It is a very good mod for many people. It is a matter of taste and performance. Great comfortable hand feel.

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