There’s been a lot of talk about organic e-liquid. A lot of vapers have requested 100% VG e-liquid from us which we don’t stock a lot of. Here we do a little investigating into what the real benefits are.

In this article I will have a quick stab at understanding what organic e-liquid really is and whether it’s better for you or even possible to produce such a product.

What does it mean for e-liquid to be organic?

When you think of the word organic you immediately think of rolling hills full of free roaming cows or vegetable patches tended to with love and care by old men in allotments. You go to the supermarket and its 50 pence extra for organic broccoli. Generally speaking, organic is not something you think of when you look for e-liquid.

If we really picked away at the concept and reality of or organics we would see that everything comes from the planet therefore everything is organic. If laboratory produced strawberry flavouring is made up of the exact same elements as the flavour from strawberries harvested from the old man’s veg patch then is not the lab produced strawberry flavour organic?

How we might generally accept organic strawberries
How we might generally accept organic strawberries

The strawberries taste like strawberry.

It’s this grey area that the concept of organic e-liquid exploits. I don’t think for one minute that the fruit flavourings in organic e-liquids are extracted from organically produced fruits. Imagine the process you would have to go through and the waste it would generate just to extract the flavour from, for example an organic strawberry.

Much simpler to just buy strawberry flavour ‘lab made’ in bulk – which incidentally contains at least 50 different chemicals to produce. So if we agree that our original strawberry flavouring is not organic (in the generally accepted way organic produce is grown) then there’s no way again how these organic e-liquids really could be organic in the way we understand organics.

Using the language of organics.

One company called Vape Green has capitalised on this niche area of ignorance. It’s important to note that the colour green has absolutely nothing to do with organic produce but has become co-opted by marketing companies as a means of communication. After all, organic carrots or cows are not green are they?

Organic being green is the language of semiotics but that’s a much bigger discussion than we’re having here. The point is that ‘vaping green’ means absolutely nothing in reality. There is nothing remotely green used in the process of creating the e-liquids.

Even if the nicotine used is extracted from organic tobacco plants, (which would be extremely costly but nevertheless does happen) there would still be no green involved. As far as we’re aware the tobacco plant is dried out and cured first which turns it brown. Not only that, extracting nicotine from tobacco involves a myriad of chemicals such as petroleum or the more refined ether.

Green coconuts before they are harvested
Green coconuts before they are harvested

But it’s 100% vegetable glycerin.

Ok so I’m pretty sure we’ve established that there’s no such thing as organic flavourings in e-liquid. So the next question is – where does the vegetable glycerine come from? Firstly it would have to come from organically grown produce. Vegetable glycerine is generally harvested from coconut or sustainable palm. Although possible, I generally doubt that the plants it is harvested from are ‘grown organically’ as we understand the term.

Whilst I appreciate that there is some grey area around PG/VG ratios being less toxic when weighted towards VG, the fact that an e-liquid is 100% VG doesn’t mean that it is organic and neither does it mean it is better for you as we don’t have the science to back up any claims. It may have the vegetable in the name but in no way does that automatically mean it’s better for you when vapourised and inhaled.

In conclusion.

Whilst definitely possible, I very much doubt any of the organic e-liquid available here in the UK or produced elsewhere are actually organic. No doubt this concern will be addressed in the new EU laws introduced later this year.

As for the juices currently available being better for you than other high quality e-liquids the jury’s definitely out and will be out for some time to come.


In no way is this article accusing Vape Green or any other company of not selling truly organic e-liquids.

Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin

Mark has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 10 years. He has been Creative Director for many companies, having delivered high level media projects to companies such as BT & Blackberry. After numerous attempts to stop smoking Mark discovered e-cigarettes. Swytch Vaping was created from a firm belief in the power of vaping.

19 thoughts on “What is 100% VG Organic E-liquid and is it Better for You?

  1. Jim says:

    Electricity isn’t green. Fuel isn’t green. Plastic, wood, paper, any recyclables aren’t green. So by this logic the term “going green” apparently “means nothing in reality”..?

  2. Mark says:

    I think it’s quite logical really. Minimal to no PG in the liquids being sold, and as long as the difference between max VG with PG flavouring and 100% VG is clear, then there should be no problem.
    And as some people have adverse reactions to PG, a rise in VG obsession makes sense, even if it’s been co-opted by a few shrewd entrepreneurs with promises of pure organics. So vapers, do your research.

    One company which has taken green ethics of manufacture to new levels is Kind Juice, which uses all organic ingredients, leaving aside the nicotine classification.

  3. Mandy Hindle says:

    I’m hoping you can help me. I’ve been vaping nearly 3 years. For the last 6 months I have been getting red, burning stinging chin and nose and cheeks. It has progressively got worse. I’ve tried high Pg and high VG and seem to get burning and hives with both. I’ve cleaned my equipment and used new heads for each different mix. It’s worse in the house when the heating is on and less obvious when I’m outside but still it’s getting worse. I’m devastated and don’t want to go back to cigs. I’ve spent a fair bit so far with different mixes from Joose juice and ecig wizard and am at a loss as to what to do next. I have mostly gaped menthol flavours
    Can you help? Any suggestions as to what to do next? I’ve done skin tests which show slight red raise skin with 100%VG and 100% VG but one doesn’t seem worse than the other
    Getting desperate now, don’t want to give up
    Yours sincerely
    Mandy Hindle

    • Mark Griffin
      Mark Griffin says:

      Hi Mandy, whilst we sympathise with your condition, unfortunately we cannot advise on health matters. It would be completely inappropriate for us to suggest anything other than seeking medical advice from a healthcare professional such as your doctor or a practicing dermatologist.

  4. Samantha says:

    Dear Mark, I am disappointed in the lack of research behind this article, which unfortunately promotes myths rather than debunking any myths. There is such a thing as organic certification, which outlines standards and guidelines for creating truly organic products. In the case of e-liquid, there is a certified organic e-liquid line called Vape Organics, which happens to be sold on Vape Green, featuring the first and only USDA-organic nicotine in the world and the line is 100% free of PG, other petroleum-derived solvents and artificial flavors/sweeteners– instead, these e-liquids are flavored with real, certified organic plant-based extracts and produced with manufacturing processes that are certified organic-compliant, like CO2 extraction. People can decide for themselves whether this option is better-suited for them, but let’s not tell them the option doesn’t even exist. We need true awareness-RAISING in our industry during this crucial time!

    • Mark Griffin
      Mark Griffin says:

      The article is nearly a year old and at the time I saw NO evidence that companies selling so-called ‘organic e-liquid’ were selling anything other than the idea of organic e-liquid NOT actual organically produced e-liquid. I am however open minded if you would like to provide PROOF i’ll be happy to look over it. Additionally, there is NO evidence that ‘organic’ e-liquid delivers a health benefit. From what I can see it is just riding on the back of the organic idea. Until there is hard evidence that ‘organic e-liquid’ MATTERS it can only be seen as a marketing ploy.

      • Samantha says:

        Thanks for your reply, Mark. As I mentioned, certified organic e-liquid is sold on the site you singled out in your article, and has been on the market for nearly 3 years! If you would have done a simple google search or reviewed the products on Vape Green, you could have had access to this info a year ago. You can view our website at or better yet click right through to our organic certification: I hope that is hard enough proof for you! You know, people also say there’s no PROOF that organic food provides a health benefit… people can do their own research about mainstream agricultural practices vs. organic practices and draw their own conclusions; what’s unfair is when the sources they turn to for solid information are muddled… to tell them that it doesn’t exist when it FACTUALLY does, seems like a true marketing ploy! As you may be aware, tobacco is one of the most pesticide-ridden crops on our planet, and researchers have found traces of carcinogenic pesticides in cigarette smoke. Big Tobacco also claims that there is no proof that vaping offers a health benefit over smoking, and you know what that does? It encourages people to continue smoking. Please, let’s demonstrate a commitment to the facts which ARE at this time known, like that truly organic e-liquid is possible and does, in FACT, exist.

        • Mark Griffin
          Mark Griffin says:

          I fail to see the correlation between eating organic food and vaping organic e-liquid. I don’t think there’s any credible science to link the 2 together. You are entitled to your opinion but that’s all it is—and as far as I can see you are NOT a scientist and NOR do you have any evidence that supports a health benefits case for organic e-liquids in place of regular non-organic e-liquids. Anyways—all of this is irrelevant as you are not an EU company and all you’re doing is trying to get a backlink on our website.

          • Samantha says:

            I am not making any health claims. I am simply saying that people can make their own decisions about the benefits of organic vs. conventional, when it comes to food or e-liquid. Trying to get a backlink on your website? I am trying to get an edit to your article which states that something does not exist when it factually does. But feel free to continue spreading false information- that’s EXACTLY what our industry needs now. And, for the record, our products are verified in the EU and have been submitted in compliance with TPD. Best of luck to you guys…

          • Mark Griffin
            Mark Griffin says:

            Would you care to point out EXACTLY where you think this OPINION piece (which is ME MAKING UP MY OWN MIND) is putting forward false information and I will re-look at it and update or add a caveat if needed?

            Also, if you’re not making any health claims – tell me – what claims are you making? And if you’re not making any claims, what is the purpose of organic e-liquid? If you yourself are not saying it’s better for you—then what are you saying exactly?

  5. Samantha says:

    Thank you, Mark. False information is as follows:
    1. “then there’s no way again how these organic e-liquids really could be organic in the way we understand organics.” This statement falsely implies that everyone is using the same synthetic chemical-laden strawberry flavoring that you are. We are not, however.
    2. “extracting nicotine from tobacco involves a myriad of chemicals such as petroleum or the more refined ether.” Our nicotine is extracted via CO2 extraction, a notoriously clean method, leaving behind no chemical residue.
    3. “Ok so I’m pretty sure we’ve established that there’s no such thing as organic flavourings in e-liquid.” Yes, there is such a thing. Our real flavor EXTRACTS are indeed certified organic.
    4. “Although possible, I generally doubt that the plants it is harvested from are ‘grown organically’ as we understand the term.” You doubt that there is such a thing as certified organic plants/produce/food, grown according to organic standards? Is that really a question? Our VG is derived from soy and is indeed certified organic, meaning the way the soy was grown is also organic, as well as the processing methods for it to become VG.
    5. “Whilst definitely possible, I very much doubt any of the organic e-liquid available here in the UK or produced elsewhere are actually organic.” Yes, most are not, but Vape Organics is certified organic… meaning it ACTUALLY is organic, from the VG to the nicotine to the flavor extracts, to the methods of extraction, to the growing processes of all of the plants involved.

    That’s correct, I am not making any claims! Just like I cannot make any claims about the value-added of e-cigs over cigarettes, because I am forbidden from doing so according to US law. However, that doesn’t mean there are no benefits to certified organic e-liquid. For example, certified organic e-liquid is guaranteed 100% free of PG; with more and more vapers discovering sensitivities or outright allergies to PG, it is a benefit that consumers can be sure that there is no PG or any other petroleum-derived solvents in their e-liquids, beyond just the BASE, but as the carrier of nicotine and flavorings, too. Our nicotine is the first and only certified organic nicotine in the world. Further, a lot of health-conscious people try to stay away from synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Organic e-liquid is therefore a good option for them as it is guaranteed free of such additives in both the growing and mixing process. A lot of people are also interested in abstaining from artificial sweeteners (feel free to read up on the adverse health effects of artificial sweeteners)– our certified organic e-liquid is guaranteed free of artificial sweeteners. There are always people who prefer products from the natural world– I am one of them, obviously. I do my own research and use products, including food and e-liquid, that suits these preferences. My point with all of this is that you are telling people it doesn’t exist, thereby steering them away from an option that THEY MAY FEEL is preferable for them. It’s not necessarily everyone’s top priority, but there are people who are committed to strictly using organic products. Telling them over and over that not only does it NOT exist, but also CAN’T exist, degrades our industry and diminishes the progress we have made in making this option available for those with whom it resonates.

      • Samantha says:

        Seriously? Did you read what I wrote? To recap for the final time: organic certification guarantees the absence of: PG, artificial sweeteners, synthetic and potentially carcinogenic pesticides, and all chemical additives (including diacetyl and acetyl propionyl). I can see this is not going anywhere, but thanks for hearing me out (kind of?) Take care, and consider submitting a revision for all of those false claims I highlighted above.

        • Mark Griffin
          Mark Griffin says:

          If you’re saying that organic e-liquid is more healthy than regular e-liquid – WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE? If you’re not saying organic e-liquid is more healthy than regular e-liquid – WHY ARE YOU SELLING IT?

  6. Anil says:

    How do you extract just the nicotine with co2 Samantha? If its from organically grown tobacco how do you remove the other chemicals from the co2 extract?

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