Just when you thought we couldn’t be any more overloaded with the man, along come these new Trump IT e-liquids. Five unique flavours branded around the stupid things said by Donald Trump.

This hilarious brand of e-liquids pokes fun at the Donald—bigly! Don’t be deceived by the comic facade, these are still a range of deeply flavourful, high VG e-liquids that deliver on all fronts.

What the company says—

‘All our 5 flavours are mouth watering and strong, we are not only saying this but so are the reviewers of e-Liquids and the vaping community whom have vaped our Trump IT range and are endorsing it on their social accounts. We also believe it will be received well by your customers and they will love it, it will soon become the most talked about brand due to the humour associated with the brand and the quality of the flavours which the vaping community are loving.’

They also say—

Trump-It is a satirical brand and does not endorse or condone any kind of abuse, bigotry or ill-conceived foreign policy.

Trump It e-Liquids - Make America Grape Again, Beauty Queen Melonia, Bigly Berry, Banana Republik, Grab Em By The Peach
Trump It e-Liquids – Make America Grape Again, Beauty Queen Melonia, Bigly Berry, Banana Republik, Grab Em By The Peach

Trump It – Make America Grape Again.

Flavour description: This is your moment, your opportunity to Make America Grape Again. We can do this together. This smooth, grape-flavour packed e-liquid offers a great vape, so great, big clouds and a 70% VG base. This juice is pure cloud fuel, your cloud fuel… it’s so great. This is your e-liquid, it belongs to you. Of course I don’t mean it literally belongs to you, it belongs to me. Believe me when I say… this is the best e-liquid, the BEST. America First.

Trump It – Beauty Queen Melonia.

Flavour description: The greatest compliment to my first lady – she’s not actually my first, it’s just her job description. Notes of Strawberry & Raspberry with a powerful, sweet Watermelon in a 70% VG blend that’s 100% classy. My watermelon Beauty Queen will make your mouth water. Melonia First.

Trump It – Grab Em’ By The Peach.

Flavour description: A beautifully crafted Peach e-liquid with hints of orange, lemon and strawberry in a 70% VG blend that’s packed with flavour. These juicy peach clouds will keep you coming back all day long… I promise. One time I moved on it and you know you what? I failed, I admit it. But when you’re smart like me, you learn. You should ask first.

Trump It – Bigly Berry.

Flavour description: Crammed with Raspberry, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry & Bubblegum, this 70% vegetable glycer…. glyco… VG blend is a truly delicious juice that gives flavour so bigly. I love berries, let me tell you. They’re my favourite. That’s not fake. That’s real, so great. Berries First.

Trump It – Banana Republik.

Flavour description: I don’t know Poot’n. I’ve never met Poot’n. I‘ve never been to Russia. Maybe once. Let me tell you. I created this unbelievable e-liquid to build a bond with Mr Poot’n – this one’s for you Vladimir. Big Banana clouds with a truly scrumptious biscuit base and a hint of peanut butter, this 70 VG e-liquid is the ideal accompaniment to an evening of locker room talk with my favourite bare-chested comrade. Russia First.

And there we have it. Trump It e-liquids are coming soon to a retailer near you—Bigly!

Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin

Mark has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 10 years. He has been Creative Director for many companies, having delivered high level media projects to companies such as BT & Blackberry. After numerous attempts to stop smoking Mark discovered e-cigarettes. Swytch Vaping was created from a firm belief in the power of vaping.

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