Vape Tanks & e-Cig Tanks

Vape Tanks / e-Cig Tanks

The best vape tanks come with the ability to replace most of the parts including pyrex or glass collars and coils. At Swytch Vaping we have some of the best brands of e-cig tanks for vaping you can buy in the UK. Whether you need big flavours, big clouds, 50W, 150W, 100W, 200W or are a beginner—we have them all.

Rather than using the widely available, cheap, throwaway clearomisers many beginners opt to buy vape tanks along with a good quality box mod. We think this is the best long term route to take. Don’t be put off by all the brand names, our vaporizer tanks and vape pen tanks are simple to use and will save you money.

If you’re an intermediate or experienced vaper you might have already purchased a premium e-cig or an advanced box mod as a long term solution or to get more from vaping. Doing this will open up a new world of vaping. Choose from sub-ohm tanks, e-cig tanks, big or small or brands like Smok, Innokin or Kangertech.

Choose from the best vape tanks available to buy in the UK

Smok Tanks

Smok Sub-Ohm Tanks

from £23.99

Smok have become world renowned for the design and innovation of their vaporizer tanks. They have a reputation for producing excellent tanks that deliver big clouds at 100W or 200W and plenty of flavours.

Popular releases have been the Smok Spirals tank for flavours plus the newly released Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast tank clouds.

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Aspire e Cig & Vape Products

Aspire Sub-Ohm Tanks

from £19.49

When the Aspire Triton was launched it’s massive impact sent waves around the vaping community. Since then Aspire have gone from strength to strength and have produced some exceptional sub-ohm tanks.

Lately they have released the innovative Aspire Cleito and the excellent 2ml Aspire Clieto EXO for the UK and EU market.

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Kangertech e-cig tanks

Kangertech Tanks

from £24.99

Kangertech are a popular brand and  have produced some of the best vape tanks for beginners in the UK. All-in-one vape kits such as the Kanger Nebox are beautifully designed, perform well and are very easy to use.

Sold in their thousands to vapers in the UK and all over the world, the 4.5ml stainless steel Subtank Mini is a rock solid vaping tank.

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innokin vaping products

Innokin Vape Tanks

from £14.99

Innokin tanks are extremely well made with a variety of low cost and performance orientated products. Many of their e-cig tanks go hand in hand with their vape devices. One of their popular models is the excellent value Innokin iSub.

This low cost sub-ohm tank is available in a range of four colours and is created from stainless steel and poly-carbonate.

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geek-vape tanks

Geek Vape Tanks

from £22.99

If you’re an experienced vaper you’ll definitely have heard of Geek Vape products although the name is not as well known as their products. The Geek Vape Griffin RTA is massively popular with vapers in the UK and the world over.

Newly released is the 6ml Griffin 25 RTA which has top air-flow which utilises the popular direct-to-coil chimney system.

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uwell tanks

Uwell Sub-Ohm Tanks

from £22.49

Uwell have only released a few products but they have gone on to become some of the best tanks for vaping anywhere in the world. The release of the Crown Tank saw them gain huge popularity in the UK and the world over.

The newly released Uwell Rafale follows in the footsteps of the Uwell Crown and will be available to buy from Swytch soon.

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