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If your e-cigarette isn’t quite hitting the mark and you don’t think you’re quite ready for a box mod you may want to consider getting yourself a vape stick or vape pen starter kit. Vape sticks or pens are usually a lot thicker than your average e-cig and consequently they can usually house a decent sub-ohm tank on the top.

Although they are usually pen sized sticks that fit comfortably in the pocket a premium vape stick can easily rival the output power of many lower wattage box mods. Your typical vape stick can have a battery power of 2000mAh or more which is easily enough grunt to get the best flavour from premium 70%VG or higher e-liquids.

Most e-cigarettes are not sub-ohm so you can’t use premium high VG e-liquids. With a vape pen starter kit you get most of the compact styling of an e-cig but with much more grunt. Plus you’ll open up a world of flavours like you’ve never seen. Buy your vape pen starter kit online today by 3pm for same day UK dispatch.

Choose from some of the best vape pen starter kits in the UK

Smok Vape Sticks

Smok Vape Sticks

from £32.99

Smok vape products have an excellent reputation for both style and performance. Recently they have honed their sights on the premium e-cig market and vape stick arena with the introduction of the Stick One range.

The Stick One Plus is one of the best vape stick kits around with tons of power and a definite firm favourite here at Swytch.

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Aspire e Cig & Vape Products

Aspire Vape Pens

from £39.49

Aspire products are loved in the UK and across the world. For example, their recent Aspire Cleito Tank has become massively popular in a very short space of time.

Their latest product range is the Aspire K Series which encompasses two excellent e-cigs and a substantially powerful vape pen in the form of the 2000mAh Aspire K4.

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Kangertech e-cigs

Kanger Vape Pens

from £17.99


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jomotech vape kits

Jomo Vape Sticks

from £32.99

Although not as widely known as some of the bigger brands, Jomotech have managed to carve a popular niche for themselves at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

The newly released Royal 100 is a poweful 3000mAh 100 watt vape pen that comes in five different colours.

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