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When you’re looking to buy your first e-cigarette starter kit it’s a good idea to look at a few different brands and the various models they have on offer. At Swytch Vaping we sell only the best e-cig kits available in the UK. Experience has shown us that prominent brands of electronic cigarette starter kit such as Aspire, Kangertech, Smok or Innokin are easily the most robust.

These e-cigs are the best designed, consistently deliver the best performance and over time outlast all other brands. This also makes them the most cost effective choice in the long run. If you truly want to utilise the power of an e-cigarette starter kit as an aid to break your tobacco habit we highly recommend you choose one of the better brands listed below.

We’ve seen so many people buying cheap e-cig kits off places like ebay, use them a few times and throw them away, making the huge mistake that the whole idea doesn’t work. Don’t make the same mistakes as them. You can get off the cigarettes, but only if you choose the best electronic cigarette starter kit. Buy online today before 3pm for same day UK dispatch.

Choose from some of the best e-cigarette starter kits in the UK

Smoktech e-cig starter kits

Smok e-Cig Kits

from £29.99

Smok have been bringing exceptional quality vaping products to the UK and international markets for some time. They have made a name for themselves with vape mods such as the X Cube 2 and the gorgeous Treebox.

The newly introduced Stick One range of e-cigarette starter kits are stylish, robust, well-designed and offer excellent performance.

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Aspire e Cig & Vape Products

Aspire K Series Kits

from £29.49

Since 2013 Aspire have been producing innovative vaping devices and exporting them worldwide. Popular products have been vape mods such as the Pegasus and more recently the Aspire Plato all-in-one personal vapouriser.

Aspire offer some of the best e-cigarette starter kits you can buy in the UK with the K Series being the 3 latest products on offer.

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Kangertech e-cig starter kits

Kanger e-Cig Kits

from £17.99

Kangertech are the most widely known product manufacturer in the vaping industry. They are so popular the chances are you or a friend has already used or are still using a Kanger vaping device or electronic cigarette.

Their products are technologically advanced and excellent value. Kangertech e cig starter kits are robust and perfect for every day use.

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Innokin Endura Kits

Innokin Endura Kits

from £26.99

Since 2011 Innokin Technology have been producing innovative e-cigarettes and personal vaping devices. They have been pioneers of a new industry and products such as the Cool Fire IV have become incredibly popular.

Innokin offer some of the best electronic cigarette kits that are packed with pioneering technology. They are both durable and very easy to use.

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hangsen e-cig starter kits

Hangsen e-Cig Starter Kits

from £28.99

Hangsen are one of the oldest vaping companies having made an international name producing over 100 flavours of low cost e-cigarette liquids. Along the way they have also been manufacturing some excellent value e-cigarette kits.

The Hangsen Hayes Twist series are excellent value, high quality e-cigarette kits that are perfect for every day use.

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jomotech vape kits

Jomotech e-Cig Kits

from £33.99

Although not as widely known as some of the bigger brands, Jomotech have managed to carve a popular niche for themselves at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

The newly released Royal 100 is a poweful 3000mAh 100 watt vape pen that comes in five different colours.

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Inspired Vapour e-Cig Kits

from £8.99

Inspired Vapour are a little known company that produce some of the best value e-cigarette kits available in the UK or anywhere else. If you’re on a budget an Inspired Vapour e-cig will get you up and running without breaking the bank.

Their Evod e-cigarette starter kit is one of the easiest to use and cheapest e-cigs you can buy anywhere in the UK.

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e-Smart e-Cigarettes

e-Smart e-Cigarettes

from £7.99

Low cost but high quality e-cigs by little known but popular company e-smart.

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