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Watermelon e-Liquids

Watermelon e-Liquids

There’s nothing juicier than a big ripe watermelon, dripping with all those mouth-watering flavours. Amazingly, watermelon e-liquids are just as juicy and packed full of flavour. What’s really great about watermelon flavour e-liquids is just how diverse and refreshing they are. Take for example the truly awesome Cuttwood Mega Melons which is ram packed with cantaloupe, watermelon, papaya & mango flavours.

Another juicy watermelon e-liquid that’s extremely popular in the UK is Watermelon Chill from the Element Dripper series. You’ll get huge clouds of flavour filled vapour. Watermelon e-liquids are perfect for summers days or after vaping on baked e-liquid flavours. Hangsen Watermelon is a firm favourite with our UK customers and loved by vapers over the world. Buy your watermelon flavours e-liquids today.

Discover your next new favourite flavour of watermelon e-liquid.

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