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Tobacco e-Liquids

Tobacco e-Liquids

Along with fruit flavours, tobacco e-liquids were some of the first on the scene. It only stands to reason that many people would and still do find it difficult to jump from smoking cigarettes to vaping on something like a watermelon flavoured e-liquid. In the early days there were a lot of let’s say, not so nice tobacco flavoured e liquids but these days things are different. Many juice manufacturers make some great tobacco blends.

E-liquid flavours can be different depending on what device you are using so it helps if you’ve got a good set-up like SUBOX Mini or the new Kanger NEBOX. Finding a decent tobacco e juice can be a hit and miss affair which is why we only stock the flavour blends available. Vampire Vape sweet tobacco is cheap to buy and a good quality e liquid whereas Classic Kiss Chopin is a little bit more expensive but worth every penny.

Discover your new favourite tobacco flavoured e-liquid blend.

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