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Hangsen Series 8 e-Liquids

10ml Hangsen Series 8 e-Liquids

Brand new to the UK are these Hangsen Series 8 e-Liquids. Developed specifically for users of premium e juice products, Series 8 is a range of exceptional quality flavours that work well in e-cigs and more sophisticated mods with high quality vape tanks. Hangsen have up to now been know for their low cost e-liquids. This covers a plethora of fruit flavours, tobacco flavours and an early low cost, premium range that includes such flavours as strawberry mint and cherry jubilee.

Hangsen’s award winning mixologists and flavourists have developed perfect 50/50 VG PG e-liquids that are packed with gorgeous flavours and vape extremely well. Hangsen Series 8 offers 10 new flavours that come in a wide range of nicotine levels. All of the range are extremely high quality and produced with the purest quality ingredients. An example being the nicotine being 99.7% purity and is extracted from natural tobacco. Bottle sizes 10ml. Buy today – UK dispatch.

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