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Cream e-Liquids

Cream e-Liquids

If you’re looking for something a little smoother and more decadent try our range of cream e-liquids. Many fruit flavoured e-liquids are laced with cream flavours to even them out and make the vaping experience a whole lot smoother. Smooth flavour blends such as Element Crema are few and far between. Usually cream flavours are added to make an e-liquid blend much richer like Slamberry, Unicorn Milk or Strawberry Whip.

If you love your cream e-liquids you’ll definitely love the ones we have of offer here at Swytch Vaping. All our e-liquid brands are premium quality with food grade ingredients and packed full of rich, creamy flavours. Other great juices include Boss Reserve from Cuttwood, Beard Vape No 5 and you have to try the truly awesome VGOD Vngel. If you buy before 3pm we’ll even dispatch your e-liquids from our UK warehouse today.

Choose your favourite from our range of rich & creamy e-liquid flavours.

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