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Aniseed e-Liquids

Aniseed e-Liquids

Remember aniseed balls or fireballs when you are young? Aniseed e-liquid is not often used as a flavour on it’s own because it’s so strong, but when you combine it with other flavours like chocolate or banana it can really be really tasty. Because aniseed e-liquids are so strong there aren’t many we know of on the market. One that springs to mind is Black Jack from Vampire Vape which is actually a deeply flavourful e juice.

Other aniseed e-liquid flavours we know of are the really awesome funky monkey which is also produced by Vampire Vape. Classic Kiss e-liquids also make a gorgeous multi-flavour blend called Beethoven which uses aniseed to enhance the overall vaping experience. Checkout our aniseed flavours below and if you by today before 3pm we’ll even send them to you same day dispatch from our UK warehouse.

Choose from a range of high quality aniseed flavour e-liquids.

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