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Liquid State E-liquids

Liquid State E-liquids

Liquid State have carved out a solid reputation in the vaping industry for innovation and quality of product. If you’ve never tried their e-liquids we urge you to give them all go. The company like so many others is operating out of California USA and have a laid back lifestyle approach which they put forward in their e-liquids. Each premium ejuice flavour is inspired by popular local foods and drinks.

This is dependent on the American State each e-liquid is based on. Liquid State e juices are high VG blends so you know they’ll be packed with flavour and you get massive clouds with each vape. The high VG also means they’re perfect for use in drippers and sub-ohm tank set-ups to ensure you get every last drop of flavour out of every cloud. Get these impressive e-liquids delivered from the UK today!

Popular short fill brands

Enjoy the superb flavours of premium e-juices with the hefty price tag.

Candy Shop Short Fill

Candy Shop

6 flavours

I VG Short Fill


26 flavours

Godzilla Juice Short Fill

Godzilla Juice

4 flavours

One Hit Wonder e-liquids

One Hit Wonder

9 flavours

Choose from an exciting range of Liquid State premium e-juices.

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