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Fantastic Voyage e-liquids UK

Fantastic Voyage e-liquids

Brand new from Liberty Flights, Fantastic Voyage e-Liquids are a range of 4 exciting, high VG flavours. So the story goes, the range was created around a post-apocalyptic story of the fantastic voyages of Henry Maxx. This story plays out in the naming of each e-liquid. Created, manufactured and bottled in the UK by well-known vaping company Liberty Flights, This fantastically flavoured e-liquids will take your taste-buds on a voyage to the stars.

The range comprises 4 unique flavours which are—Diamond Dust, Paradise Found, Maiden Voyage and Wanderlust. The VG blends alternate between 70% and 75% so you can expect big flavours and plenty of cloud production. Packing and designs are of the same exceptional quality we’ve come to expect from Liberty Flights e-liquids. Bottle sizes are 30ml and 10ml with both sizes being childproof. Buy online today by 3pm for same day UK dispatch.

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