Vape Mods & Box Mods

Vape Mods / Box Mods

High quality vape mods or box mods as many people refer to them are increasingly popular with vapers of all ages. At Swytch Vaping UK you can buy box mods of all types from all the popular brands. We have many beautifully designed, powerful 300W, 200W, 100W or 50W vape mods with all of them available to buy in the UK.

Take for example the popular Smok X Cube II which blasts out 160 watts of power or the latest innovation from Laisimo the 200 watt L1 with bluetooth connectivity and on-screen display. Vape mods, box mods or e-cig mods have become the de-facto solution for those looking to get the most out of vaping.

E-cigarettes are still massively popular but vape mods or e-cig mods are on the rise in both the UK and further afield. If you’ve been vaping for 6 months or more you’ve probably considered buying a quality vape mod. UK box mods offer a level of control and customisation you don’t get with standard out of the box e-Cigs.

Choose from the best 300w, 200w, 100w, 50w box mods in the UK

Smok Box Mods

Smok Box Mods

from £39.99

If you’re looking for a high end, technologically advanced mod Smok may have the answer. Being one of the most prominent brands in the UK and across the globe, Smok have produced some of the best box mods available.

The 160w X Cube II was such a roaring success they went on to release the 75w X Cube Mini. Both devices are superbly designed.

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Revtech Box Mods

Revtech Box Mods

from £47.99

Introducing a range of powerful, dynamic box mods that are full of exceptional technology. Revtech are a new company and their first offering are these three insane supercharged and stylish vaping mods.

With Revtech you get full HD colour screens, 200 watt output, a myriad of features and functions plus tons of safety features built in.

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laisimo box mods

Laisimo Vape Mods

from £69.99

Laisimo have only produced a handful of mods and although powerful they weren’t anything special. Then came along the 200 watt Laisimo L1 and things changed overnight.

The 200w L1 boasts bluetooth connectivity, OLED display and a tons of other features. Newly released is the L3 Touch which is one of the first mods with a full-colour touch screen.

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Artery Mini Mods

Artery Mini Mods

from £28.99

Artery Vapour were only established in 2015 but have immediately made a niche for themselves with a range of very high quality, beautifully designed, compact vape products.

When Artery introduced the Nugget V2 it immediately became hugely popular. The Nugget is one of the worlds smallest mods but punches above it’s weight with a hefty 50w output.

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Smoant Mods

Smoant Mods

from £74.99

Smoant are a brand coming out of Russia and are not widely known in the UK or Europe. That is until they recently released the quirky but powerful open-sided Smoant Rabox.

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Kangertech Mods

Kangertech Mods

from £34.99

Although better known for their introduction of a wide range of all-in-one vape kits, e-cigarettes and tanks, Kangertech do also produce a range excellent quality e-cig mods.

In the early days they brought out the simple to use KBOX. This has now been resurrected in a range of simple to use KBOX mods that go from 70w right up to 160w.

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Wismec Box Mods

Wismec Box Mods

from £59.99

Wismec are not the first company you think of when it comes to mods but they’re well known in vapers circles. They created the 75 watt Presa TC and the popular Noisy Cricket.

Recently Wismec have collaborated with a talented young designer named Jay Bo to create a precision engineered range of powerful mods and high quality tanks.

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Koopor Box Mods

Koopor Box Mods

from £39.99

If you love Smok products you’ll definitely love everything from Koopor. This company is an offshoot of Smok with a dedication to younger, more style savvy vapers.

They are producing some very stylish, very powerful devices such as the recently released 200 watt Koopor Plus.

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Innokin Vape Mods

Innokin Vape Mods

from £37.99

Innokin have built up a reputation for both style and innovation with products such as the Endura T18 e-cig and the low cost iSub tank. More recently they introduced a range of great value box mods and vape kits.

The robust and well-designed Innokin Disrupter introduced a myriad of colour choices whilst the Cool Fire IV brought a new level of simplicity.

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Aspire e Cig & Vape Products

Aspire Box Mods

from £47.99

Aspire are not really well-known for their box mods. The company have had much better success with their e-cigs and vape tanks such as the superb Aspire Cleito. They did however introduce the 70w Pegasus mod.

The 70w Aspire Pegasus was then pared down and refined into the Pegasus Mini and bundled with the Triton Mini into the Odyssey Kit.

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Top four reasons to buy a box mod or e-cig mod

Reason 1

Extended battery life

When you buy an e-cig most times the battery is built into the device itself. This means once the battery dies the device dies. Not so with a mechanical box mod as you can easily replace the battery.

Reason 2

Built in safety features

Vaping mods almost always come with a raft of built in features such as temperature control, wattage & of course safety cut outs. This ensures your mechanical mod will never get too hot & burn out.

Reason 3

Long term durability

When you buy the best box mod you can have peace of mind knowing it will last longer than a few weeks. With the best vaping mods most of the parts will be easy to replace, strip down & look after.

Reason 4

Customisation options

Many of the latest vape box mods are already of exceptional design quality. You can however customise most mods with decals, covers & new tanks to further personalise your vaping experience.