Charlie’s Chalk Dust are at it again with the release of a brand new e-liquid flavour. Ms Meringue promises to be the strawberry ying to the lemon curd yang of Mr Meringue.

I’ve only recently been raving about the incredible Mr Meringue from Charlie’s Chalk Dust. I simply adore that flavour. After picking up a 60ml bottle for cheap in the final days of the TPD sale I haven’t been able to get enough of the stuff.

So believe me when I say i’m over the mood with excitement about this new strawberry meringue e-liquid flavour—Ms Meringue. I think we can all agree that Charlie’s Chalk Dust make exceptional e-liquids. The flavours are superb and the branding is fresh, creative and professional.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust says—

Succulent strawberries smothered by sweet and billowing buttery meringue.

Promotional pack shot of Ms Meringue by Charlie's Chalk Dust
Promotional pack shot of Ms Meringue by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Here at Swytch Vaping we’re super excited to try this new strawberry meringue flavour. We’ve managed to grab a few pack shots from their Instagram feed. No doubt soon enough i’ll be salivating over my drip tip for hours on end enjoying Ms Meringue and her other half.

As to when this awesome new flavour will be available in the UK in 10ml bottle sizes we’ll have to wait. I would expect it to be a few weeks yet.

Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin

Mark has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 10 years. He has been Creative Director for many companies, having delivered high level media projects to companies such as BT & Blackberry. After numerous attempts to stop smoking Mark discovered e-cigarettes. Swytch Vaping was created from a firm belief in the power of vaping.

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