Another new pointless first from Smoktech, the Smok i-Priv Kit introduces voice control and activation to the vaping industry—WOW!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more pointless, along comes another vape device that truly is the epitome of pointlessness. The Smok i-Priv kit is a 230W complete vape kit that introduces voice control to your daily vape. How on earth you are supposed to program this thing is anyone’s guess, so we assume all you do is just grunt ‘vape me’ or maybe ‘vape me fam’ at the device and it hits you with 2 second burst of vapour.

At which point you’re already choking yourself to death as the vapour floods your lungs whilst you’re still talking.

The Smok i-Priv—fun for 30 seconds?

Sure to be fun for 30 seconds, the i-Priv kit has to be the stupidest vape kit produced by Smoktech. Up until now, this popular company have had a love / hate relationship with customers the world over. Unfortunately, the last 6 months has seen them re-hashing the same old kits and introducing senseless frivolity and pointless fads to an over-marketed, over-hyped vaping industry.

Is the voice controlled Smok i-Priv Kit the last pointless vaping innovation?
Is the voice controlled Smok i-Priv Kit the last pointless vaping innovation?

Surely, the voice control activated Smok i-Priv Kit is the death knell of an industry. An industry that only 2 years ago looked like it was growing up.

How we imagine the voice activated i-Priv Kit will work.

In the essence of fair play, let’s image how this thing will work. Since we have no information from Smok we will have to guess how the i-Priv kit functions. Safety first, you’ll surely have to press a button to active the voice control. If not what’s to stop it going off in your pocket? We say that because there’s no way this thing will be tuned to your voice alone—but we could be wrong!

Additionally, what would you be able to do with the voice activation? We assume internet searches are out of its remit, along with checking the fridge and turning the heating on 1 hour before you get home. ‘i-Priv, increase wattage by 4 watts’. This thing is going to tank—and I don’t mean vape tank, I mean it’s downhill all the way, not just for Smok, but for vaping in general.

We have an update…Watch and learn…

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Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin

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