Efest Batteries & Chargers

Efest Batteries & Chargers

Efest are another Chinese tech company taking the vaping world by storm. This time though it’s not mods, e-cigarettes or e-liquids but batteries. The company was formed in 2009 and since then they’ve grown from strength to strength developing a high quality range of all purpose battery chargers and rechargeable batteries mainly targeted for the vaping industry. All their products are of a very high standard and comply with stringent CE, ROHS and ISO9001/2000 standards.

Reading through their blog it’s clear just how deeply embedded they want ot be in the vaping scene. They have sent teams to all the major vaping expo’s including the 2015 World Vaping Expo in Miami and Vapebash 2015 in Chicago. Efest batteries have recently been re-design and are now purple. The primary ones used for vaping devices are the Efest 18650 battery and the smaller Efest 18350 battery. We also stock the Efest Luc V4 battery charger which is very popular.

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All the Efest products we sell come with recently updated anti-counterfeit labels. In fact all the products we sell on this website come straight from the manufacturer so you know they are 100 authentic. Check each product for details.

Perfect for vaping

Efest batteries are perfect for vaping mods and e-cigs as they hold a good charge for long periods of time. So much so Efest make regular trips to the UK and around the globe to vaping expos to sell the batteries to vapers.

Very high quality

The Efest products we sell such as the Luc V4 charger or the purple 18650 or 18350 batteries are tested by us before we put them on the website. That’s how we know they’re excellent quality and not just average.