Zap Juice e-Liquids

Zap Juice e-liquids UK

Zap! Juice e-Liquids UK

Launched in 2016 by a couple of guys based in Manchester UK, Zap Juice are committed to and passionate about their craft. They are true believers in the virtues of taking your time and doing things well. This modest, but important approach to craft is reflected in both the the Zap! Juice e-liquid flavours and their brand.

The guys at Zap Juice put in endless hours to perfect each distinct e-liquid flavour. Consequently, the quality and richness of the flavours are second to none. Working out of their ‘above-industry standard’ clean room in Manchester UK, Zap! use pharmaceutical grade ingredients in every step of the process.

Currently, the Zap! range consists of 5 juicy, vibrant e-liquid flavours. They are as follows— Golden Pomelo, Lychee Lemonade, Melonade, Purple Slushie and the immensely popular Vintage Cola. Each unique flavour is overflowing with mouthwatering richness. Buy online today by 3pm for same day UK dispatch.

Choose from five great Zap Juice e-liquid flavours


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Zap Juice Golden Pomelo e-Liquid

Golden Pomelo

An intoxicating blend of citrus fruit flavours coupled with an exotic twist.

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Zap Juice Vintage Cola e-Liquid

Vintage Cola

Rich, fruity, fresh and overflowing with mouthwatering cola drink flavours.

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Zap Juice Melonade e-Liquid


A mouthwatering blend of fresh honey-dew melon and lemonade flavours.

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Zap Juice Purple Slushie e-Liquid

Purple Slushie

Vibrant, juicy, mouthwatering grape flavours that are perfectly blended with a fresh, cool, icy twist.

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Zap Juice Lychee Lemonade e-Liquid Flavour

Lychee Lemonade

Fresh home-made lemonade, perfectly blended with the vibrant, exotic flavours of sweet lychee.

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