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Sensational VGOD eJuice UK

It’s fair to say that VGOD e Juice create amazing products. Originally called Vape God, the company was set-up a couple of years ago by vapours for vapours. They have a big following on facebook and instagram and have built up a whole culture around the exciting VGOD eJuice range. The e liquids themselves come in 15ml or 30ml bottle sizes with flavours that veer towards the sweet fruit end of the e-liquid flavour spectrum.

For sometime the VGOD e Juice range weren’t available in the UK but thankfully now they are. With extremely popular flavours such as the gorgeous Vngel which is a kind of creamy strawberry milkshake e-Liquid and boasts 4 flavours of cream and Tornado which just like a fruity cereal it’s no wonder VGOD eJuice have gathered such a following in the UK. You can read more e liquid flavour descriptions further down the page.

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VGOD e Liquids are packed with gorgeous flavours

VGOD Luscious eLiquid


VGOD Luscious is absolutely bursting with the vibrant flavours of sweet candy and a range of juicy watermelons. This is definitely one for the all day vape box.

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VGOD Lushice eLiquid


Pure melon blend eliquids don’t get much more mouthwatering than VGOD Lushice. This is the perfect eliquid for relaxing on the porch on a warm summer night.

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VGOD Tornado eLiquid


Another popular flavour blend on the e juice scene fruity breakfast cereal and VGOD Tornado really packs in rich fruity those flavours.

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VGOD Blue Dream eLiquid

Blue Dream

The deliciously refreshing combo of the sweetness of fresh blueberries with a hint of citrus makes VGOD Blue Dream a great e-liquid.

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VGOD Vngel eLiquid


You gotta try this amazing e liquid. We love the strawberries and cream flavour combo and VGOD Vngel is up there with the best.

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