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The Vampire Vape UK team specialised in the science of flavour before they produced e liquids. So it’s fair to say that they know a thing or two about tickling taste-buds. Now they’ve put their expertise into Vampire Vape e Liquids & they’ve gone from strength to strength. The range of Vampire Vape e-Liquids is truly enormous.

The company have produced e juice flavours running right across all the major flavour groups. All ingredients used by this sharp outfit such as nicotine and the PG / VG are pharmaceutical grade. At Swytch Vaping we’ve tried many of the unique 10ml Vampire Vape flavours and they’re all consistently top notch e juices.

For such a high quality e liquid range the price tags are surprisingly low cost. This has made Vampire Vape e Liquids not just popular with UK stockists but all over the EU and right across the globe. Flavours such as Heisenberg, Black Jack and Sherbet Lemon are a must try. We just know you’ll find a few favourites among them.

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Vampire Vape e juice range is UK produced

Iconic flavours

No doubt you’ve come across the Heisenberg and Pinkman flavours. These very popular, limited edition flavours were created just for Vapefest 2014.

15 years storage

With Vampire Vape e juices you can rest easy knowing every e liquid sample produced is logged and stored for 15 years with unique batch numbers.

Vaping innovations

The team are constantly innovating and testing new flavours to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. This means there’s always something new to try.

ISO certification

This unique company boasts their own in-house, full time flavourists, three clean rooms and a new bottling line to bring you the cleanest, freshest flavours.

Below is a list of all the Vampire Vape flavours

Vampire Vape flavours Flavour description Price (10ml)
Applelicious A sweet and sour green apple flavour. £3.99
Attraction A mixture of red berries & dark fruits & a menthol twist. £3.99
Banana Reminiscent of those childhood foam bananas sweets. £3.99
Banoffee Pie A creamy blend of ripe banana & melted toffee. £3.99
Bat Juice Crammed full of juiciest berries with a subtle aniseed twist. £3.99
Berry Menthol Juicy mixed berries bursting with pure menthol crystals. £3.99
Black Ice Classic Blackjack mixed up with an ice menthol blast. £3.99
Black Jack A perfect sweet treat with a retro flavour. £3.99
Blackcurrant Blackcurrant chews, so magnificently berrylicous. £3.99
Blood Sukka Cherries, berries, red fruits, eucalyptus, aniseed & menthol. £3.99
Blueberry Subtle fruity flavour full of juiciness. £3.99
Bubblegum This fruit explosion will take you right back to childhood. £3.99
Cherry Tree Sweet & juicy wild cherry flavour direct from the forest. £3.99
Cool Red Lips Sweet cherry mixed with cool menthol. £3.99
Dawn A mixture of dark fruits with a refreshingly cool kick. £3.99
Dusk A fruity pink raspberry lemonade fizz. £3.99
Energy A juicy energizing flavour that’s bursting fruits. £3.99
Funky Monkey Chocolate coated banana with a funky aniseed twist. £3.99
Heisenberg Top secret recipe that’s the daddy of all day vapes. £3.99
Ice Menthol The godfather of cool flavour. Minty, cool & refreshing. £3.99
Parma Violets Crunch down on the joy of Parma Violets flavour. £3.99
Pear Drops Mouth-wateringly juicy pear with a sweet kick. £3.99
Peppermint Rock Every Northerner’s childhood favourite. £3.99
Pineapple This tropical pineapple is so fresh and tangy. £3.99
Pinkman A mouth-watering fruit explosion on your taste buds. £3.99
Raspberry Sorbet A brilliantly crisp fresh burst of tangy raspberries. £3.99
Red Lips Juicy sweet cherries with a hint of fresh mixed fruits. £3.99
Rhubarb & Custard Custard partnered with sharp tangy red rhubarb. £3.99
Sherbet Lemon A sharp sherbet blended with tangy lemon flavour. £3.99
Smooth Weston An old school tobacco that’s perfect for tobacco lovers. £3.99
Spearmint A sweet minty flavour just like classic chewing gum. £3.99
Strawberry A real classic flavour of summer. £3.99
Strawberry Kiwi A perfect take on succulent strawberry and juicy kiwi. £3.99
Strawberry Milkshake A creamy strawberry milkshake blend. £3.99
Sweet Tobacco Classic light tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness. £3.99
Tropical Island A tropical explosion that is the juiciest taste of all! £3.99
Vamp Toes Perfectly fruity & delicious – nothing like a vampire’s toe! £3.99
Watermelon Sweet and juicy watermelon, a real hard hitting fresh blast. £3.99