The Milkman e-Liquids

The Milkman e-Liquids UK

The Milkman e-Liquid UK

You may not be familiar with The Vaping Rabbit. They did make an initial batch of flavourful e-liquids which become popular enough to propel them to create The Milkman e-liquid brand. Coming out of Los Angeles, this excellent brand have been in the business since 2006.

The owners used their combined experience in ice-cream parlour and hookah bar ownership and voila – The Vaping Rabbit was born. The first of the new e-liquids was the original Milkman flavour. The seed was then sown for an exceptional brand and immensely flavourful e-liquids.

Since then they’ve gone on to expand the range whilst keeping the flavours simple and familiar. All based around the creamy, milk theme. With immensely popular flavours like Churrios, Milky ‘O’s, Pudding and Crumbleberry there’s sure to be something to tickle your taste-buds.

Choose from a range of 5 great flavours from the Milkman

Four great reasons to buy all of The Milkman e-liquid flavours

1. Superb flavours

All the flavours from The Milkman range are without doubt exceptional. The rich creaminess of each product is perfectly balanced by the additional flavours, resulting in some of the best premium e-liquids you can buy in the UK.

2. Max VG blends

There’s high VG and then there’s MAX VG  – and the difference in flavour can be monumental. Each Milkman flavour is a 99% VG blend which means you won’t get bigger, better – more flavourful clouds in any other e-juice.

3. Excellent branding

You only have to look at the packaging to know this is a great e-liquid brand that takes care and attention when crafting their products. Each bottle of this great product comes packaged in its own little milk carton.

4. Premium ingredients

Their high quality approach doesn’t just end with exceptional flavours and awesome packaging. Milkman e-liquid also use the highest quality ingredients in every product. This ensures you get a premium product every time you order.

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  • It’s break time! Take a moment for yourself sit back and relax with Heritage Red 👌🏼 Heritage Red - The Milkman’s take on the classic, earthy tobacco flavor we all know & love with the addition of a sweet, smooth & succulent Strawberry infusion🍓
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  • The perfect way to wind down after a hard days work. 🥃💨 Heritage Smooth - A beautifully balanced tobacco flavor blend with smooth vanilla and velvety caramel. Start your day on the right note with this timeless tales of tobacco with vanilla & caramel 📸: @dripteck
  • The Milkman will always be your Valentine!🍾 sending love to all of you!
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