Red Velved e-liquids


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Red Velved e-Liquids

Shipped all the way to the UK from Malaysia, Red Velved e-Liquids are a range of sixteen dessert flavours. Expertly blended using the finest high food-grade ingredients, Red Velved short fill e-liquids have quickly become popular. Our suppliers travelled over to Malaysia to bring you these fantastic flavours.

The Sixteen flavours in the Red Velved Series are banana pancakes, breakfast flake, choco recipe, mango island, milky butter, mixed fruit cake, peanut candy, pistachio cake, poffertjes, pop the corn, red velved cake, red velved ice cream, strawberry tuffy, summer berry, vanilla ice cream and waffle crisp. New to the UK marketplace, each unique e-liquid flavour combines freshly squeezed fruit with an extra slice of cake. These 60ml bottles of short fill e-liquids are 0mg or zero nicotine.

Consequently, by adding a single bottle of 18mg high strength nicotine e-liquid you will dilute the e-juice to 3mg. Additionally, for 6mg e-liquid you will need to add 2 x bottles of 18mg e-liquid to the short fill. Nic shots available on the product page. Buy 60ml Fonta Flava e-Liquids today by 3pm for same day UK dispatch.

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