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Creamy, Fruity Moo e-Liquids

Moo e-liquids have only been around for 6 months but in that time they’ve gathered a huge following. They’re operating out of California USA and live by the mantra of keeping it simple. This comes across in everything they do from the simple (but gorgeous) e-liquid flavours to the branding and their website. There so many great e-liquid producers operating out of California. Beard Vape, Liquid State, Flawless just to name a few.

They produce excellent quality, deeply flavourful juices with Moo e-liquids being no exception. All Moo e-liquids are high VG blends with only a handful of nicotine levels. Creating your e-liquids this way means massive clouds that are packed with the best flavours possible. There are 3 flavours currently available to buy with all of them being based around the creamy milk concept. Buy your Moo e-liquids today. UK dispatch.

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Some of the most flavourful e-liquids in the UK


Banana Milk

Imagine the tastiest bananas blitzed into full fat, fresh cold milk and you’re part way there to experiencing what it’s like to vape on awesome Moo Banana Milk e-liquid.

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Vanilla Almond Milk

Not a familiar flavour in the UK, Moo Vanilla Almond Milk e-liquid is incredibly rich, creamy and nutty with a delicate hint of vanilla flavour thrown in for good measure.

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Strawberry Milk

Popular the world over, this Moo take on the common strawberry cream e-liquid flavour will have going for your e-cig or box bod every minute for another creamy hit.

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