Mohawk & Co e-Liquids

Mohawk & Co e-Liquids UK

Mohawk & Co e-Liquids UK

Introducing Mohawk & Co e-Liquids—another stunning e-liquid range coming out of Malaysia. The Mohawk & Co Fizzy range are a collection of mouthwatering e-liquids loosely based around a candy, soda pop theme. Founded in 2012, they have been serving local vapers with a variety of premium e-juices, vape kits and so on.

Since then they’ve grown into a much bigger vape company and now have a fully automated factory. There have been a lot of bangin’ e-liquids coming out of Malaysia lately. One example available in the UK is the massively popular Nasty Juice. Mohawk & Co Fizzy e-Liquids are definitely a must try for all you flavour vapers.

Using a 70/30 VG heavy ratio, you can also expect monstrous clouds of vapour. Choose from flavours such as pineapple, strawberry, melon, mango, kola, honeydew melon, grape and wildberries. Each soda pop tin contains 6 x 10ml bottles of mouthwatering e-liquid. Buy today by 3pm for same day UK dispatch.

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Fizzy flavours for Mohawk & Co e-liquids

Mohawk & Co e-Liquids are incredibly popular in the UK

Fizzy Honeydew e-Liquid by Mohawk & Co

Fizzy Honeydew

Popular the world over, Fizzy Honeydew is overflowing with ripe, golden, sweet melon flavours and has plenty of extra fizz.

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Fizzy Kola e-Liquid by Mohawk & Co

Fizzy Kola

A popular in-house favourite, Fizzy Kola is packed with fruity, candy flavours and will have you dribbling over your drip tip.

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Fizzy Orange e-Liquid by Mohawk & Co

Fizzy Orange

The mouthwatering Fizzy Orange does it’s level best to be Orange Tango in an e-liquid—and guess what? It doesn’t do too bad a job

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Fizzy Mango e-Liquid by Mohawk & Co

Fizzy Mango

Imagine slurping on the fresh, ripe flavours of juicy Asian mango. Now imagine vaping on that with your favourite vape set-up.

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Fizzy Bull e-Liquid by Mohawk & Co

Fizzy Bull

Easily one of the best takes on the energy drink flavour, Fizzy Bull is a fruity flavour explosion that will leave you running back for more.

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Fizzy Grape e-Liquid by Mohawk & Co

Fizzy Grape

There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold can of grape soda. Now you can enjoy those flavours in a Fizzy Grape e-liquid.

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Fizzy Wildberries e-Liquid by Mohawk & Co

Fizzy Wildberries

Similar to Bull, Fizzy Wildberries is a mouthwatering blend of mixed fruits such as strawberry, raspberry & blackcurrant.

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Fizzy Pineapple e-Liquid by Mohawk & Co

Fizzy Pineapple

The mouthwatering flavours of ripe pineapple are perfectly replicated in this stunning Fizzy Pineapple e-liquid flavour.

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Fizzy Strawberry e-Liquid by Mohawk & Co

Fizzy Strawberry

Strawberry e-liquids are immensely popular both in the UK and abroad. Enjoy this stunning Fizzy Strawberry e-juice today.

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