Mad Hatter e-Liquids

Mad Hatter e-Liquids

Mad Hatter e-Liquids

When Mad Hatter e-liquids first brought out ‘I Love Donuts‘ the industry went completely bonkers over it. In much the same way as One Hit Wonder, they have spent a huge amount of time perfecting a single eliquid flavour.

The results are 2 premium e-liquid flavours that are off the chart in terms of both flavour and vapour production. As far as e-liquid production is concerned you can’t get much better than ‘I Love Cookies’ and ‘I Love donuts’.

They have used every trick in the book to bring these deeply flavourful ejuices to market. They’ve also taken the time to think about the entire customer experience right down to the little donut box and the mini oven packaging.

Choose your favourite Mad Hatter Juice flavour below

Here’s four popular flavours to buy from Mad Hatter e-liquids

i love cookies e-liquid

1. I Love Cookies

Get yourself ready for an incredible blend of incredible flavours with I Love Cookies e-Liquid. Imagine the most flavourful cookies packed with gorgeous strawberry & sweet caramel finished off by dipping them in full fat creamy milk.

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I Love Donuts e-liquid

2. I Love Donuts

Enjoy the rich, baked goodness of this delectable blend of fresh blueberries and warm, glazed donut. I Love Donuts e-Liquid from Mad Hatter is a flavour that will have you reaching for your box mod or premium e-cig all day long.

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I Love Taffy e-Liquid

3. I Love Taffy

This is an excellent flavour from Mad Hatter. I Love Taffy combines the gooey sweetness of taffy with the subtle, fruit flavours of fresh peach. Shown recently at the Excel centre, I Love Taffy is now available in the UK.

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I Love Popcorn e-liquid

4. I Love Popcorn

Now who doesn’t love the great taste of fresh buttery popcorn? Well now you can get poppin’ with this exciting flavour from Mad Hatter. I Love Popcorn e-Liquid is a delicious blend of fresh popcorn drizzled in sweet butter.

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