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hangsen e liquid uk

Hangsen e Liquid UK

Hangsen have been making eliquids since 2009 and in those 6 years they have grown into a huge international company. Hangsen e Liquid initially started out with their juice range and moved into the e-cigarette market. Their foray into the e-cig market has resulted in some of the most popular e-cigs in the UK.

Take for example the Hangsen Hayes Twist series which is a well-designed, discreet e-cig for everyday use. Cheap Hangsen e-liquids are a staple for many e-cigarette users. Their wide range of great value e-liquids are excellent quality which has made them popular with vapers in the UK and the world over.

The company sells to over 80 countries globally including the UK, so you can imagine the size of their operation. Best used in an e-cig, Hangsen e Liquids comprise of many flavours, most of which we have for sale. Buy cheap 10ml & 30ml Hangsen e liquids today before 3pm for same day UK dispatch.

Choose from a wide range Hangsen e-cigarette liquid flavours

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10ml fruit flavour Hangsen e-liquids

10ml Hangsen tobacco flavour e-liquids

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Global leader and world's largest eliquid producer

Behind the scenes in the Hangsen labs

Quality focussed products

Being the biggest eliquid producer in the world doesn’t happen by accident. Hangsen e Liquid have carved themselves a well-deserved reputation for producing exceptional quality products not just in the consumables marketplace but also technologically. Hangsen have led the industry for a number of years and are a welcome arbiter of cheap e juices. All their juices easily meet UK and International standards such as ISO9001. Every product undergoes a 10 step quality control process and additional testing procedures.


Exceptional juice blends

As with all e-liquids the primary ingredients are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin which is abbreviated to PG / VG. The additional ingredients that go into manufacturing Hangsen e juice are nicotine and flavourings. The company use the best nicotine available, which is cleverly extracted from tobacco under strict laboratory conditions and all the flavourings are pre-approved food grade quality. Hangsen flavour experts spend countless hours crafting the perfect juice blends to ensure you buy only the best e liquids.


Massive flavour choice

Hangsen easily have the biggest range of e liquid flavours of any company in the world. We don’t know exactly how many e liquid flavours they produce but it must be at least 100. They’re most known for their tobacco and the biggest range of fruit flavoured e liquids. In the past couple of years they’ve also introduced a Premium Juice line, Cream range, Red range and a range of Shisha e-liquids. All the Hangsen range is available in 10ml plus there’s also a variety of 30ml eliquids for when you’ve found a favourite.


Clear nicotine labelling

With most e juice brands out there you get almost no indication of the nicotine levels. Usually there’s just a tiny bit of text hidden away on the bottle that tells you what the nicotine strength is. With Hangsen that’s not the case. All their eliquid bottle caps are clearly colour coded with White 0mg, Green 6mg, Blue, 12mg, Orange 18mg and a Yellow cap denotes 24mg nicotine. This clear nicotine labelling is another reason why Hangsen have such a popular following globally and in the UK.


Why buy Hangsen?

Although there are hundreds of global e liquid producers with most of them selling in the UK, Hangsen e Liquid are the only company that are able to keep the quality up and the price down. Vaping has its own community but that is a separate entity to the majority of e cig users. Most people just want to stay off the cigarettes and not pay more than they were already spending. When you buy Hangsen eliquids all that is easily achievable and with so many flavours and such great value you’ll never get tired of the brand.