Dinner Lady e-Liquids

Dinner Lady e-Liquids

Dinner Lady e-Liquids UK

Call them retro, call them old schoolDinner Lady e-Liquids are some of the best quality flavours we’ve ever vaped on. Massively popular, this UK based company are purveyors of some of the finest flavours available. Every 30ml bottle is an experience to behold. Once you get this scrummy ejuice into your favourite vape tank you’ll never want another flavour.

Dinner Lady e-liquids have won multiple awards for both flavour and quality. Swytch Vaping met them at the Birmingham UK Vape Expo at the NEC in 2016, where their stand was extremely popular all day. They were voted as being the best UK e-liquid flavours in no less than 3 categories in the E-cigclick Awards back in 2016 and won by a massive landslide.

Consistency for all Dinner Lady flavours is 70%VG / 30%PG. This means all those scrumptious flavours are carried with the vapour. It also means you’ll get plenty of cloud production and the e-liquids can be used in sub-ohm tanks and dripper set-ups. Buy online today by 3pm for same day UK dispatch. Go ahead and Vape Dinner Ladyyou won’t regret it!

There are 5 awesome flavours in the Dinner Lady range

Dinner Lady e-Liquids

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Dinner Lady Cornflake Tart E-Liquid

Cornflake Tart

This Dinner Lady Cornflake Tart is an unmistakable blend of toasted cornflakes complemented by sweet syrup flavours and a dollop of strawberry jam.

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Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard e-liquid

Strawberry Custard

A premium e-liquid to rival many, Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard is an exceptionally sweet and decadently creamy concoction that’s perfect as an all-day vape juice.

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Dinner Lady Lemon Tart E-Liquid

Lemon Tart

The most widely know and easily the most popular, Dinner Lady Lemon Tart is stacked with tasty lemony, baked flavours and a highly addictive vape juice.

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Dinner Lady Rice Pudding E-Liquid

Rice Pudding

Cereal flavoured ejuices don’t come much better than Dinner Lady Rice Pudding With Jam. It’s sweet, creamy and fruity with that ever popular, yummy cereal aftertaste.

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Dinner Lady Maple Waffle E-Liquid

Maple Waffle

One of the more popular flavours from the range, Dinner Lady Maple Waffle is a rich, deeply flavourful e-liquid. As a result, one vape on this awesome flavour and you’ll be hooked.

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