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e-Cigarettes / e-Cig Pens

There’s no better way to cut down on real smoking than with an e-cigarette. When vaping was in its infancy the types of e-cigs available weren’t the best. The batteries didn’t hold a charge for long or stopped charging altogether, you could never get a decent vape and before you knew it the device was in the bin.

Thankfully technological advancements mean those experiences are well behind us. The kinds of e-cigs and starter kits available today are well designed, long term solutions to smoking cessation. Take for example the latest e cigarette from Innokin the Endura T18 which is beautifully designed and is easily their best by far.

The T18’s light, durable and powerful design will provide you with a consistent vaping experience every time. Additionally, the Kangertech Evod Mega is also another really great premium e-cig along with the newly released Stick One Series from Smok. Get all the best e cigs in the UK from Swytch Vaping. Buy online today.

Choose from some of the best e-cig pen brands available in the UK

Kangertech e-cigs

Kanger Evod e-Cigs

from £17.99

Kangertech manufacture some of the best e cigarettes on the market. Their latest products have moved on from discreet e-cigs and into hand held mods & vapour cigarette starter kits.

Those types of products are more complex than an e-cig but offer many more opportunities for customising your vaping experience.

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Aspire e Cig & Vape Products

Aspire K Series e-Cigs

from £29.49

Aspire are world renowned for their stunningly designed box mods and vape kits like the Pegasus or the all new Odyssey starter kit which is available in three gorgeous finishes.

Aspire also produce the K Series of premium e cigs which are perfect for newbies and the more seasoned vapers alike.

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Smoktech e-cig starter kits

Smok e-Cigarettes

from £29.99

Being one of the most widely known brands Smok products are loved by many. They have produced some exceptional vape mods such as the Smok Treebox and the X Cube Mini.

With such a successful history t’s no wonder their newly designed Stick One series of e-cigarettes have become so popular.

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Innokin e-Cigs

Innokin e-Cigs

from £26.99

Innokin should really be named innovation because the pen style e-cigarettes and personal vaping devices they produce push the boundaries of what’s possible with each new release.

The superb Innokin Endura T18 is a great example of what’s possible in mid-range priced electronic cigarette.

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jomotech vape kits

Jomo e-Cig Pens

from £32.99

Although not as widely known as some of the bigger brands, Jomotech have managed to carve a popular niche for themselves at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

The newly released Royal 100 is a poweful 3000mAh 100 watt vape pen that comes in five different colours.

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hangsen e-cigarettes

Hangsen e-Cigarettes

from £28.99

Hangsen have been producing low cost, quality e-liquids for many years now. Little known though is that they have been manufacturing an excellent range of e cigarette starter kits.

The most recent example being the great value Hangsen Hayes Twist III which is a slender, discreet, high quality e-cig pen.

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Inspired Vapour e-Cigs

from £8.99

Many companies use evod batteries in their e cig pens. Inspired Vapour may not produce the best quality e-cigs but don’t be put off.

The Inspired Vapour Evod is easily better designed, more powerful and delivers better performance than most other cheap e-cig pens available in the UK or anywhere else.

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e-Smart e-Cigarettes

e-Smart e-Cigarettes

from £7.99

Low cost but high quality e-cigs by little known but popular company e-smart.

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