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One of the worst things about the early devices was the e cig battery life. They were always running out too soon or stopped charging properly after a few weeks. Fortunately recent innovations mean your e cigarette battery can usually be replaced very easily. At Swytch we sell only the best e cigarette batteries or vape mod replacement batteries. The purple Efest batteries we sell are some of the best and long lasting available in the UK.

The Efest 18650 battery has an incredibly long life and is a suitable replacement for most e cigs. We also stock a range of Standard batteries which are low cost but are also super long lasting. All our e cig batteries are the best available and can be charged to the max week after week. If you need a battery charger aswell checkout the Efest Luc V4 which is packed with features and can charge practically any type or size of battery.

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We only sell the best e cig batteries


Genuine products only

All the products on this website, including every replacement e cig battery or charger are 100% authentic products bought direct from the manufacturer. Most of them come with anti-counterfeit codes you can verify on the producers website so you know they’re the real deal.


Manufacturers guarantee

For extra peace of mind we provide a minimum 30 day guarantee on all the electronic products we sell on this website. Most of our high quality vaping products also come with a manufacturers guarantee which will be included with the product and can mean up to 6 months of cover.