You may have noticed that CBD Oil is becoming increasingly popular in the UK during 2018. Products of all kinds are hitting the shelves. Now you can buy infused CBD Gummies Bears in the UK.

If you’re not up to scratch with recent trends, i’m here to tell you that things are going CBD bonkers. From CBD drops, sprays, flavoured CBD e-liquid, CBD hemp oil for pets and vaporizers, vape shops are stocking the lot. We checked out the latest CBD oil craze— CBD Gummies Bears.

So, tell me—what the hell is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol which is commonly referred to as CBD Oil is a legally extracted compound from the cannabis plant. It has been used for decades my multiple sclerosis sufferers to aid with brain motor functions but in the last few years it has been hitting the headlines both in the UK and globally.

Like many herbal remedies CBD Oil is taken as a tincture.
Like many herbal remedies CBD Oil is taken as a tincture.

Mostly taken as a tincture, CBD Oil users report a wealth of benefits including pain relief, help with seizures, dealing with anxiety, sleep disorders and more. Additionally, users report many unsubstantiated claims such as it cures cancer.

How did we get to CBD Gummies Bears?

There are many bandwagons for retailers to jump on, and it was only a matter of time in a saturated UK marketplace that e-liquid retailers would find something else for customers to vape. There have been many crossovers with the e-liquid, cannabis and oil burning vaping devices.

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that vape shops are now stocking infused CBD products in their droves. It also comes as no surprise that e-liquid manufacturers and now swapping nicotine for CBD oil in their e-liquids, changing the label and getting the products out the door.

CBDfx are an American company bringing CBD Gummies Bears to the UK.
CBDfx are an American company bringing infused CBD Gummies Bears to the UK.

It’s because of this cross-pollination with the vaping market that flavours have now been introduced to CBD Oil. As a result, Gummy Bear flavoured e-liquid has now become CBD infused Gummies Bears. There are all kinds of issues with this but for now the show must go on.

If you thought there was a stink in the UK when e-liquid companies started making candy flavoured e-liquids wait until the fallout from infused CDB Gummies Bears.

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Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin

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