The perfect accompaniment to every box mod is your vape tank. Here’s a quick review of 3 of the best tanks for vaping currently popular in the UK.

And so the saying goes – everybody knows, well everybody knows a lot of stuff but not everybody knows or realises that the key to a superior vaping experience lies in the tank you use as much as it does in the mod it sits on. It’s the harmonious combination of them both that will give you the best hit and the perfect flavour.

These vape tanks we review below are by no means the best you can get anywhere they’re just a few of the most popular right now. All of them are easily within your budget and suitable for beginners, intermediates and expert vapers.

Kanger Subtank Mini.

The Kanger Subtank Mini is a staple for many vapers.
The Kanger Subtank Mini is a staple for many vapers.

This bad boy was extremely popular when it first arrived to the UK and has remained so ever since. Being so popular makes it one of the best vape tanks in the UK. The Kanger Subtank Mini is as robust as it is versatile and will give you endless hours of high quality vaping pleasure.

The Subtank Mini is an improved and refined upgrade on the original Subtank. It’s best used on a Kanger mod but will work perfectly on your Xcube 2 or your Pegasus mod and comes in 3 finishes of black, silver and white.

Subtank Mini specs and features:

  • Tank capacity: 4.5ml
  • Body material: Stainless steel
  • RBA section
  • Enhanced airflow
  • Range of colours

Suitable for: Newbies, Intermediates, Experts

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Aspire Triton Tank.

Aspire Triton
The Aspire Triton is a high quality stainless steel tank.

This extremely popular tank is right up there with the best of them, especially for the UK price point. The Aspire Triton is one of those sub-ohm vape tanks everybody should have in the cupboard.

Another extremely versatile tank, the Triton has a more than acceptable 3.5ml e-liquid capacity and comes with RBA conversion for when you’re ready to start building your own coils.

Aspire Triton specs and features:

  • Tank capacity: 3.5ml
  • Body material: Stainless steel
  • 510 connection
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • RBA compatible

Suitable for: Newbies, Intermediates, Experts

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Innokin iSub Tank.

Innokin iSub Tank
Innokin iSub Tank is a great low cost tank.

Right, the first 2 tanks are roughly in the £20-£25 price range but the iSub tank is a lot cheaper but just as popular in the UK. Although it’s not the one of best vape tanks available it certainly is one of the most popular.

The Innokin iSub tank is available in blue, pink, black and clear, has adjustable airflow, replaceable coils and a sub-ohm capability. This low cost, robust device fits in perfectly with the best vape tanks purely for p[opularity and bang for buck. It will give you a quality vaping experience for months on end.

Innokin iSub specs and features:

  • Tank capacity: 4ml
  • Body material: Stainless steel, Poly-carbonate
  • 510 connection
  • No spill coil swap system

Suitable for: Newbies, Intermediates

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Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin

Mark has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 10 years. He has been Creative Director for many companies, having delivered high level media projects to companies such as BT & Blackberry. After numerous attempts to stop smoking Mark discovered e-cigarettes. Swytch Vaping was created from a firm belief in the power of vaping.

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